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What are National Yagyas?

National Yagya is a specific technology to increase good fortune and prevent problems for an entire nation. These Yagyas are carried out by large groups of Maharishi Vedic Pandits located at the Brahmasthan (geographic centre) of India.



How are THEY performed?

National Yagyas are performed over a period of days or weeks depending on the magnitude of the Yagya and the intended purpose selected by the country. Examples of specific purposes are increased economic progress, improved health, national harmony, or reduced or averted problems such as a natural disasters, violence, or ailing economy.

> Listen to the Pandits at the Brahmasthan performing a Yagya for protection.


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The science behind performing Yagyas

Listen to John Hagelin, Ph.D., a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace:


FOUR reasons to support the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and national Yagyas

1. Support your country

National Yagyas powerfully promote peace, success, prosperity, and national invincibility, targeted specifically at your country’s benefit.

2. Protect your world, your environment

The collective effect of many national Yagyas has a powerful positive influence on the world. In addition, your donations increase the size of the group at the Brahmasthan of India to the critical level of 9,000 needed to secure world peace.

3. Protect yourself and your family

Your nation benefits from your support, and so this benefit reaches you as a citizen. We all know the truth of the saying: ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. In the ancient Vedic tradition, the supporters of the Yagya are said to be the primary beneficiaries.

4. Preserve the Vedic heritage

Maharishi placed great emphasis on restoring the Vedic tradition, as it offers the knowledge and techniques to realize our full potential – individually and collectively. All donations to a National Yagya simultaneously support the Pandits and ensure that this knowledge remains available for future generations.



We respect electronic privacy and will not give out your address under any circumstances. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.


Be Named in a Yagya

You can choose to sponsor the entire cost of a National Yagya, starting at approximately € 915.00 ($ 1,250.00). In this case you will be acknowledged – by name – in the Sankalpa (intended purpose) that is stated by the Vedic Pandits at the beginning of the Yagya performance.

Contributing to a National Yagya not only brings manifold positive influences to your country, but you as an individual donor will benefit.



> Read some personal experiences of individuals who contributed to a National Yagya:

Life has been so kind to me “Many, many thanks to the National Yagyas. We’ve enjoyed the most peaceful August in Taiwan since 1947. There were no typhoons in August 2014. It’s just unbelievable for meteorologists! Life has been kind to me and I just enjoy everything I’m doing. And I believe the credit goes to the National Yagyas we’ve done for Taiwan. Everything has become so effortless for me and I just go with the flow of my dharma and achieve everything I want to do, one by one in perfect order. New possibilities keep popping up and I have better and better income.” — Taiwan

I feel protected “I have the experience of being deeply connected to the group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan. I also feel protected, I feel that I am not left as a leaf in the wind during the hard times I went through. Through me, that protection and blessings go to my family and to close friends and their families. I experience my Self as direct beneficiary of this project and as part of a huge global family and it makes me see the great benefits of the group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits for the whole world.” — Serbia

Three weeks later I received a salary increase “I had a Yagya done for prosperity for all the staff of the company I work for by the beginning of January. Three weeks later I received a salary increase of 12% gross! Nowadays! The Yagya which has been done for the company is soon recouped!” — Netherlands

I feel more support “Each time I can support the Vedic Pandits with the donations from my family I have more support in the different areas of my life and it is like a snowball. This support flows also to the people I cherish and like that we are more and more a small, blissful river contributing to help the bliss all around us to grow. Thank you again for helping us to participate in this great accomplishment.” — France

My family is blessed “It is certainly a pleasure to have the opportunity to take part in the drive to remove negativity and make the world a better place to live in. I can assure you that today I feel ‘magical’ and ‘enlightened’ given that what I have been looking for, I have finally found it. It is truly a beautiful feeling which I cannot explain but one which illuminates continuous positive energy. My family is blessed and reaping the benefits of better living through new careers and improved talents. God’s richest blessings to our Maharishi Vedic Pandits and many thanks for the National Yagyas.” — Trinidad and Tobago

New opportunities arose “My contributions to the first National Yagyas were modest, yet I noticed more support of Nature every month. Problems and setbacks began to resolve in my favor. New opportunities arose. My income slowly started rising and for the past three months has doubled each month. Last month I could donate $1,250 – and what a difference with my name in the Yagya. It’s a different life.” — USA

Since this Yagya our business has sky rocketed “I ordered a National Yagya for New Zealand with my nation, my family and our business needs in mind. The recession here, particularly in 2011, has been very hard on everyone including our own business. Since this Yagya our business has sky rocketed! My husband does work incredibly hard and we also work much harder on areas that need improving but it is clear that the success has not just come from us calling existing clients, but rather from new people phoning in. Our tendering is more accurate and we’re not missing very big contracts by $400, (which can be absolutely soul destroying). Competition in the private sector is less. People give us the go ahead and are prepared to wait. We don’t do any marketing, or advertising anywhere except on our company vehicles and website. We have even had to turn work away – that has NEVER happened before.” — New Zealand

An essential part of our business “We have enjoyed greater success in our business and a real connectedness with Natural Law. This is another great gift and opportunity from Maharishi that we now consider to be an essential part of our business.” — USA

Life as it was meant to be “My body, emotions and daily activities seem more fluid and easy during the Yagyas. Even the most challenging situations, whether personal or with work or family, seemed to sort themselves out effortlessly. This is life as it was meant to be.” — USA

Everything remains smooth “It’s especially during my programs in the dome that I realise that, since the beginning of the National Maharishi Yagyas, even if dramatic events take place in our lives, everything remains smooth, without too big upheavals. The effect is much more profound than we really realise and that understanding makes me very thankful and joyful!” — Netherlands


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> Learn about changes in a nation’s economic and political situation following the performance of a National Yagya:

“I think everybody has heard about terrorists who are in Syria and recently in Iraq. They declared that they would attack some cities in Lebanon. In the last 10 days three attacks were prepared, but all failed because they were discovered in time by the army and police. The news everywhere said: Lebanon was saved from a third failed terrorist attack: this is unexplainable; this is a Divine Providence. We have experienced many similar situations like that before. This is not the first time. This protection in Lebanon is clearly due to the accumulated effects of Maharishi National Yagyas over the last 3 years. We have National Yagyas in every Yagya cycle – twice a month. This we will continue with to always keep Lebanon protected. All gratitude to Maharishi’s programmes and to Maharishi Vedic Pandits in the Brahmasthan of India.” Salim Haddad – Ambassador for Lebanon

“THANK YOU to all Maharishi’s worldwide family and the countries that are supporting Ukraine with National Yagyas! Every time we clearly see their effect – less violence and deaths, more negotiations for peace. You are saving lives, literally.” Natalia Lukyanenko – Ambassador and National Secretary for Ukraine National Office

“Sebia suffered devastating floods a few months back. Kind donors and unexpected support for National Yagyas came just before the predicted next floods. During this time politicians were saying with amazement how lucky we were because the second wave of floods didn’t come. We are the only ones who know that this luck was supported by having Maharishi National Yagyas.” Voja Trajkovic – Ambassador for Serbia

“Maharishi National Yagyas for our country are one of the greatest blessings we have received. We are amazed at how during and after the performance of our National Yagyas the experiences of the Meditators and Sidhas are excellent, in particular our donors, while the entire country enjoys a greatly enhanced level of coherence and support in different areas of national life. We see in news reports that the specific intention or Sankalpa of the National Yagya is reflected in the appropriate decisions made by country leaders. We feel that the Maharishi National Yagya Programme is a powerful technique to harness the infinite organizing power of natural law nationally as well as in specific areas. We are most grateful to Maharishi, Guru Dev for making available this powerful technology to positively influence the trends of time.” Paul Fabre – Ambassador for Columbia

The excellent performance of the economy in the UK has completely confounded the predictions of Bankers and Economists.

There was a mass uprising against a new and harsh ‘single social tax’. After the performance of a National Yagya this was resolved in a completely remarkable non-violent, nationally unifying and peaceful way.

Regular National Yagyas started in January 2011. Tensions and internal conflicts were reduced significantly, many political assassination attempts failed, terrorist plans were discovered and averted, and armed conflicts prevented. Yagya donors reported wonderful personal benefits. Even the President of Lebanon announced:“Lebanon is living in a condition of unexpected stability from January 2011 until now”.

USA, 2012
National Yagyas specifically designed to bring rain preceded rains coming to drought-baked areas countrywide, a steady improvement in economic growth now at 3.1%, lower unemployment, increased industrial output, consumer confidence boom, a smooth and coherent election and even the dreaded December 21 passed by with enormous positivity.

GHANA 2012
“I am sending you this news on Ghana’s last election which came after our last yagya for the nation. In it has been described as the best and the most peaceful in the history of the nation. Coming out of Africa, it speaks volumes. We are grateful to our own Maharishi Ji for leaving us with this great knowledge. We also hope to try in our own little way to contribute to the peace.” The National Director of the Transcendental Meditation Programme in Ghana.

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